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Acceptance Phase Commissioning

Acceptance Phase Commissioning Activities

Functional Performance Tests (FPT)
Observe and facilitate all FPT testing. FPT’s will be developed by AccuTec and performed by the contractors. All FPT tests will be coordinated, witnessed and facilitated by AccuTec.

System Performance Testing
AccuTec will develop procedures to challenge the systems and components for a 72 hour test duration.  AccuTec will assist in the execution of the system performance test and gather all necessary documentation.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

AccuTec will review O&M Manuals in conjunction with the Design Team for all building systems and components for compliance with contract documents.
Ensure that the O&M Manuals have sufficient content for use in training and future maintenance.

Develop Re-commissioning Management Manual
AccuTec will develop documentation that will allow the facility maintenance personnel to repeat the commissioning tests to periodically measure any changes in system performance.

Operator Training
AccuTec will work with the contractor and owner to schedule and plan training activities so that training occurs in a coordinated and coherent fashion and assist in the development of training schedules and agendas, encourage the use of a combination of “classroom” and field training, and assist the contractors in the development of training agendas for each system or component installed in the project.

Prepare Final Commissioning Report
Based on the accumulated commissioning work completed as described above; AccuTec will assemble the data into a final commissioning report. The final report will incorporate the final record documents for each system, as appropriate. The report will also include a summary of commissioning that will highlight the final condition of each system commissioned.

Post Acceptance Phase Commissioning Activities

Deferred (Off season) Testing
Conduct any testing required by the commissioning plan that was deferred from the acceptance period.

Ten Month Warranty Visit
AccuTec will visit the site and interview building operating personnel to identify any outstanding warranty failures and to identify any persistent equipment failure issues that should be handled within the warranty period

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