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Testing and Balancing

The AccuTec view of the testing and balancing process focuses on a complete system approach as opposed to an individual component approach. This process starts as soon as the project is awarded and includes; a review of the design documents for the ability to complete the balance, construction observations, a methodical approach to the testing and balancing of all the related systems and detailed report documentation with repeatable test results. The overall goal of the testing and balancing process is to turn over systems and equipment that operate as designed and at an optimum level. If equipment or system performance in accordance with the design cannot be achieved the deficiency is immediately documented with the potential causes and possible solutions and then presented to the appropriate party. It is the AccuTec philosophy to attempt to resolve all issues at the lowest level possible to avoid delays in the project completion.

The final test and balance report serves as a record of actual system and equipment performance. If an existing test and balance report is not available, AccuTec can provide a baseline of system operation for use by a design team or owner when evaluating system and equipment performance. System baseline measurements are also helpful during the design process when making modifications to an existing system.

AccuTec principles are NEBB qualified supervisors for Testing and Balancing of Air and Hydronic systems. The AccuTec team has extensive experience with the following systems and environments;

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