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Construction Phase Commissioning

Construction Phase Commissioning Activities

Construction Commissioning Kick Off meeting
Conduct an initial commissioning meeting with all contractors and commissioning team members. The purpose of the meeting will be to establish the purpose and proposed process for commissioning this facility in the construction, acceptance and warranties phases of the project. Review the individual roles and responsibilities of each participating commissioning team member as specified in the Construction Documents.

Prepare Duration Schedule for Commissioning Activities
Based on the final commissioning plan, Prepare a duration schedule for the contractors for the commissioning activities required by the commissioning plan. This duration schedule should be incorporated into the contractor’s project schedule to track all commissioning activities of the commissioning team.

Submittal & Shop Drawing Review
Review all pertinent approved shop drawings to support the Commissioning Process. Review of the shop drawings is for the purpose of developing appropriate Pre Functional Checks (PFC) and Functional Performance Tests (FPT) documents. Submittals & Shop drawings will be reviewed for commissioning related issues, maintainability and for compliance to the OPR.
Any issues identified in the Shop Drawing Review that have the potential to compromise the final commissioned system will be noted and submitted to the Design Team for resolution.

Finalize Construction Commissioning Plan
Based on the work completed in the items above; AccuTec will finalize the Commissioning Plan for this project. The final commissioning plan will incorporate all changes established by review with your staff and the design team members. The final commissioning plan will also include complete PFC and FPT protocols for each system.

Pre-Functional Checks/Installation Quality Control (PFC)
During the course of construction, visit the site to inspect the progress of construction with respect to the systems being commissioned. The purpose of the inspections is to verify that the construction complies with the plans & specifications and standard construction quality practices.

Commissioning Team Meetings
Hold commissioning meetings on a regular basis with the commissioning team to review progress of the commissioning effort and reinforce individual responsibilities. Review completed work and agree upon the acceptability of the delivered product.

Complete all PFC’s
Complete all field inspection verifications.
Observe or facilitate all equipment and system start up procedures. The Contractor will execute all start up and point-to-point tests and the AccuTec will witness execution of the startup activities for all PFC.

Acceptance Phase Commissioning

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