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Design Phase Commissioning

Design Phase Commissioning Activities

Design Team Kickoff Meeting
Conduct a "Kickoff Meeting" with the Design Team to establish the purpose and proposed process for commissioning this facility and to establish the individual roles of each participating commissioning team member.

Owners Performance Requirements (OPR)

AccuTec will prepare a design intent summary document in cooperation with the Owner’s representative and the Design Team. This document will serve as the basis for all design, inspection, commissioning and acceptance testing for the project.

Basis of Design
The design team will prepare a Basis of Design document in response to the Owner’s Performance Requirements.

35% Plan Review
Complete a thorough review of the 35% plan documents and submitted criteria to establish the systems to be designed and installed in compliance with the Owner’s Performance Requirements.
35% documents shall include, Engineering Calculations, System selection and major Component selection.

65% Plan Review
Review 65% Design Documents
Draft Preliminary Construction Commissioning Plan, Commissioning Specifications and Supplemental Commissioning Language for other specification sections 65% documents shall include zoning requirements, specifications, typical room layouts, system main layouts, riser layouts, standard details, schedules and coordination requirements.

95% Plan Review
Review 95% Design Documents
Updated Commissioning Plan, Final Commissioning Specifications and Supplemental Commissioning Language for other specification sections. 95% plans shall be 100% complete except for coordination and review issues.

Pre-bid Meeting and Assistance during bidding process.
Pre-bid meeting to assist contractors in answering any questions about the systems or the commissioning process. Provide assistance to the design team in answering written questions (in the form of clarifications or addendum recommendations) during the bidding process.

Construction Phase Commissioning

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